Truck fans are passionate about their brands. RAM has some of the most dedicated owners because the company focuses almost exclusively on trucks. Quite simply, you will not find a RAM logo on a hatchback any time soon. Because of this high regard, the engineers and designers of RAM must maintain the highest standards for their trucks. That is evident in their new RAM models that are available at our Mullahey CDJR in Paso Robles.

Elevating the full-size truck game

The full-size truck market is perhaps the most competitive segment amongst our Arroyo Grande drivers. One of the leading models in the full-size truck segment is the RAM 1500. This truck comes with one of the most powerful standard V-6 engines in its class. The RAM 1500 also offers a number of incredible V8 engine options as well as a diesel engine variant.

RAM provides its drivers with many options, including several trim levels, bed sizes, and cab variants. This allows RAM drivers to get the exact capability and space that they need. Overall, the RAM 1500 is a capable full-size pick-up for just about any truck driver in Atascadero.

Bringing more power to heavy-duty trucks

When it comes to heavy-duty trucks, size and power means everything. That's why you will notice that the RAM 2500 and the RAM 3500 are among the largest trucks on the road. Along with this size are massive V-8 engines that provide Earthmoving power and towing capability. Both the RAM 2500 and the RAM 3500 also offer diesel engine options that provide class-leading torque and towing capability.

Along with this power and size, RAM's heavy-duty trucks are designed to be ultra durable. These trucks feature a high strength steel frame that allows these RAM models to deliver peak performance for years. Also, RAM heavy-duty trucks are designed to handle all-weather and all-terrain driving conditions around San Luis Obispo with confidence. For someone who makes their living with their truck, a RAM heavy-duty pick-up will be the smartest choice available.

Test Drive a RAM Truck today

Want to learn more about RAM trucks? Take a test at Mullahey CDJR near Morro Bay today. We have a complete collection of RAM trucks in our current inventory and our Santa Maria drivers cannot get enough.

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